Westfield Corporation

Westfield Corporation - NYC + DC Trend Treks (2013)
As the Westfield Corporation prepared to open two new shopping centres, one in New York City and one in Washington, D.C., they asked Cassandra to help them learn about the demographics within each region and more specifically, what the millennial tastemakers in these locals had an eye for when it came to shopping IRL. To do this, the agency put together several Trend Treks that lead Westfield Executive on walk-abouts touring the favorites of these selected trendsetters. I was responsible for designing and branding all elements for these Trend Treks, from posters to map guides to questionnaires and more. My approach to these pieces was to make sure they embodied elements and characteristic nods of their respective cities, but still skewed young and hip with a touch of corporate to pull it all together for a Westfield event and experience.

Role: Account Design Lead, Creative Concepting + Ideation, Art Direction, Design Execution