Work Bio

Over the last 10 years I've navigated my way through the points of the industry where creativity and strategy intersect—being lucky enough to experience a diverse spectrum of roles within the world of creation, marketing, and storytelling.

My professional career began as an intern at Pottery Barn Kids Product Development in San Francisco, where I went on to become an All-Brand Color Specialist and Creative Assistant to the Senior VP of Design. My time at PBK gained me the experience of working the in-house side of creative for a massive retail brand, while learning about the importance of inspiration, process, and creative strategy from some of the best in the industry.

I later went into business consulting, where I was an Associate Designer and Social Media Strategist at Bonfire Communications (now a Lippincott company). As a B2B brand management agency, my eyes were easily opened to the importance of brand culture (both internally and externally) and the need for brands to define their values and methodologies in order to tell their story in order to problem solve. It was at Bonfire that I learned to link the story of a brand with strategy and strong visuals, creating a new sense of meaning behind the power of design and communication.

In 2011, I jumped on a plane to New York City and found myself at CAA's Cassandra (now a Division of Deep Focus)—a consumer insights agency with a focus on the culture and daily behaviors of millennials and Gen Z. During my time at Cassandra I developed a love for research and insights while finding new ways to bring data and editorial stories to life through creative outlets in order to support and create brand strategies. I also got to craft and create proprietary research reports and presentations for Fortune 500 companies, as well as for high profile events such as TED Talks, CES, and SXSW.

After working on internal strategies and creative executions for big brand marketers, I decided to try my hand at the consumer side of the business and joined Attention Global, the social media arm of KBS. While at Attention, I quickly made my way from Art Director to Associate Creative Director, where I got to explore Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. in order to concept, ideate, and execute content types + design approaches, strategize and execute brand campaigns, and create work that expanded and helped define brands' social presence across the board.

These days, all my past experiences have somehow rolled into one, as I am currently the Global Art Director on the Strategic Marketing Team within the Partner Solutions Division at Spotify, where I help bring the Spotify Business Story to life. Whether I am tapping into design strategy to help make sure a story is visually communicating on all cylinders, helping craft a narrative and develop all its creative exports for messaging, or converting a project into the most strategic form for social—I find that every step along the way has helped me take new strides in current day 👍.